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Remember, getting in shape is by no means easy. Anything we do in life that is worth anything, is always difficult and challenging to achieve. It’s worth the effort of becoming fit. Really fit. Suffer for it in 2022!




Personal Training

What people are saying:

"You can find a trainer who is knowledgeable about physiology, heart rate statistics, nutrition, and ATP processes. You can find a trainer that will motivate you, and challenges you. You can find a trainer that is fun to be around. You can find a trainer who walks what she/he talks. You may find a trainer that you really want to go train with.


But then why would you see any of the above trainers when Stein Skaar, IS all the above AND he's got a cool name?"


- Hans Florine, World Champion Climber

"Stein is the most active, energetic guy I have ever trained with! I'm not just talking physical energy either - he is beaming with positive, upbeat, can-do mental energy that he can't help but project on those around him--and his kind, encouraging personality is engaging, motivating, and contagious. The next thing you know, hours had passed by, miles had been run, weights had been lifted, waves had been surfed, and pools had been skateboarded, and I didn't even feel fatigued. This is also probably due to the fact that Stein had me laughing the whole time we were burning calories.

When you're training with Stein, you can get a work-out anywhere and anytime and have fun the entire time. Stein is so likeable and personable, that you will want to bring him home to entertain your whole family."

- Max Wettstein, Professional sports and fitness model, jet pilot

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