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We will guide you on an unforgettable journey that will sweep you off your feet, from the vibrant streets of Oslo to and adventure in the untamed beauty of the Norwegian mountains. Set against a backdrop of captivating fjords and lush landscapes, this adventure promises to be a wonderful taste of Norway's many wonders. Exact dates will be released January 2024.

From the Capital of Oslo to the Home of the Giants 

Our itinerary begins in the vibrant city of Oslo, where modern marvels blend seamlessly with centuries-old history. From there, we'll journey through dramatic landscapes, exploring majestic fjords, charming villages, and finally reaching the breathtaking Norwegian mountains where awe-inspiring vistas and our Besseggen challenge awaits. Get ready to experience the very best of Norway, as we craft unforgettable memories together on this once-in-a-lifetime expedition.


Nordmarka hike and trip orientation


We will meet at noon at the entrance to the Nationalteatret subway station, located right behind the National Theatre in the center of downtown Oslo. Our train will take us out of the city to make our way up scenic Holmenkollåsen to the trail entrance in to Nordmarka or the “Northern Forest”, a part of Oslo’s extensive recreational wilderness.


After a 2 mile moderate hike (ca. 90 minutes) we will arrive at Frognerseteren, the iconic restaurant with views over all of Oslo. After enjoying our delicious Norwegian lunch in this beautiful, historic building we will have an orientation with in-depth details about our expedition as well as an opportunity for Q&As. Tram back to central Oslo from the restaurant.

Note: Oslo lodging not included.


To Jotunheimen and Gjendesheim


We will meet at Oslo Bus Terminal at 11:15 am where, if needed, we will hel!p you store your long term luggage as you travel more light to our destination. Our bus leaves at 12 noon SHARP. After a scenic drive northwest, we arrive at Gjendesheim at 4:30 pm, your rooms will be distributed and you have some free time to rest or explore the immediate surroundings before we gather for our three course hytte dinner and a frigid evening dip in the waters of Gjende for those who dare!


From Gjendesheim to Memurubu


After a night of rest, we take in a hearty Norwegian breakfast buffet before preparing our “niste” or wrapped sandwiches, and refill our water bottles, to bring for our lunch break en route across the knife’s edge of Besseggen and on to our second hytte at Memurubu. If you wish, we will arrange for you to send your larger backpack ahead by boat if you prefer to hike with a smaller daypack!


This first of two hikes is XX km (Xmiles) and will be X hours from door to door. At Memurubu, after receiving your rooms, another hytte dinner awaits us, and time to read a book, write in journals, or….join in a team challenge of Fiskebolle! Prizes await the winning team! Will you be on Team Loki (the Norse god who hails from Jotunheim giants) or Team Skadi (the Nordic goddess of the mountains and lakes)?


From Memurubu to Gjendebu


The day starts much like the previous one, but this time you are embarking on the second and last half of this epic journey.  If you wish, we will arrange for you to send your larger backpack ahead by boat if you prefer to hike with a small daypack.

Besseggen’s edge completed, this second hike consists of X miles culminating in arriving at Gjendesbu, deep in the valley. After dinner we invite you to a fun Trivia night with prizes, testing your knowledge acquired on our expedition!


Return to Oslo...


Returning to our first starting point—the easy way. Our ferry leaves from Gjendesbu and will take us along the aqua blue water, allowing us to gaze up at the rugged land we just traversed over 2 whole days, and to contemplate our impressive achievent. Back at Gjendesheim, we meet up with our bus which brings us back to Oslo by 2pm


...and Wrap-Up and Award Ceremony!

Back in Oslo, we invite you to a champagne (or sparkling water) toast to celebrate and reflect on our trip, followed by dinner at Oslo’s hottest new hotel, Sommerro. After dinner we will be giving out our superlative awards for every hiker, a wrap up event and thank you from your hosts that you won’t want to miss.

Notes: Oslo lodging not included.

Additional alcoholic beyond champagne welcome and dinner not included.

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